Golf handicap calculator south africa

golf handicap calculator south africa

Handicap Calculation Changes Effective 1st February Background The South Africa Golf Association (SAGA) compared the South. Curious what your golf handicap is? Try our free golf handicap calculator below. Elsewhere we provide a step-by-step, plain English explanation of how to. Golf Handicap Calculator. Online sports calculator, which helps you to determine your potential ability of course handicap index score in a golf game. Here you need to select either 'HOLE-BY-HOLE' or 'QUICK' or 'NO RETURN'—again by clicking on the relevant icon. The 18 holes are divided into 3 par rating categories namely, Par 3, Par 4 and Par 5. There is no limit on the number of strokes a handicap can increase or decrease, although handicaps may only increase after month end. The Handicap Calculation Summarised Your handicap explained. Having made your selection and entered the required informtion, simply hit 'SUBMIT'. golf handicap calculator south africa

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